SD-1 Degausser

SD-1 Degausser

SD-1 Degausser


The SD-1 is a Magnetic Media Degausser using Permanent Rare Earth “Fixed Magnet” Technology.

This device is capable of completely erasing all data on magnetic media devices such as PMR and LMR Hard Disk Drives,

Hard Drives, Tape and Floppy Disks.

It’s Rare Earth Magnet Technology generates NO Heat, No Sound, No EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and can be used continuously.

The Hand Crank design requires no electrical power to operate the unit and is perfect for mobile applications.

No External Power Required. This degausser uses permanent magnets and is thus a standalone unit that does not require electrical power.

SD-1 can be complete within 1 seconds with an actual degauss cycle time of 5 second utilizing its 12,000 Gauss fixed magnetic.


Product Details

  • Meets U.S. Department of Defends (DoD) and Defense Security Services (DSS) requirements for sanitizing unclassified data.
  • The SD-1 ensures data is permanently erased and forensically unrecoverable.
  • PMR and LMR Hard Disk Drives, Hard Drives (3.5″, 2.5″, 1.8″, 1.0″), Tape (DAT, 8mm, Half-inch/3480, LTO-1 to LTO-6, QIC, DLT, Travan, AIT)

and Floppy Disks.

  • Uses NO electricity
  • Silent and needs no cooling time.
  • Has NO switches, controls, adjustments
  • Needs NO maintenance
  • Needs NO special operating, handling, or processing skills
  • Simple operation – Just insert the media into the tray and turn the handle.
  • Extremely compact and portable


 Field Strength Max. 12,000 Gauss(permanent magnet)
 Cycle Time Approx.  5  seconds
Duty Cycle  Continuous
Power Manually Operated – No electricity required
Media 3.5”, 2.5”,1.8”, 1.0” HDD

DAT, 8mm, Half Inch(type 3480), QIC, DLT

LTO, Travan, AIT, Floppy Disks

Erasure Verify Auto Stamp (OPTION)
Weight 19 Kg (42 lb)
Dimensions 265 mm x 520 mm x 160 mm ( 10.4” x 20.4” x 6.3”)

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