SEM 0300 Jackhammer HDD Shredder

Hard Drive Shredder Ideal for Office Use


The new Model 0300 Jackhammer™ Hard Drive Shredder from Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) has a small footprint and is easy to use. Only 37” high, 45” wide, and 21” deep, it destroys hard drives, other electronic devices (cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc.), optical media (CDs and DVDs), and computer backup tapes. Its specially designed sawtooth, hooked cutters can handle 125 to 500 drives per hour (depending on type), reducing them to random 1½” shreds.

Fast, safe, clean, quiet, and easy to use, the Model 0300 Jackhammer is specifically designed for the office environment. The Model 0300 plugs into a standard 120-volt/20-amp single-phase wall outlet, unlike competitive units that have three-phase motors and require special wiring and outlets. Mounted on locking swivel casters, it can be moved easily and locked in place. The mailbox-like feed door accepts drives up to 1” thick and does not allow access to the cutting blades. Other safety features include built-in electrical interlocks halting operation when the waste-removal door or cutting-head access lid is opened. The simple and easy-to-use control panel on top of the unit contains four illuminated buttons: “start,” “reverse,” “stop,” and “reset.” The Model 0300 has built in logic control that senses jamming as well as a unique system protocol to clear the jam automatically. The shredder also has a “bin full” indicator, notifying the user when the waste collection bin has reached its capacity.

The Model 0300 Jackhammer is designed for environments requiring secure destruction of lower-volume media, such as data centers, hospitals, and other facilities that need to destroy confidential/sensitive information in accordance with various government regulations and industry standards (HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.). It satisfies National Security Agency requirements for physical destruction of drives after they have been degaussed by an NSA-listed degausser. A key is required to start the unit, so only authorized personnel can use it.

Since 1967, Security Engineered Machinery has been a leader in the development and supply of multi-media destruction equipment for the security community. SEM is the largest direct supplier of high-security destruction equipment to the United States government. Every American embassy uses SEM equipment. The company’s full-service engineering department designs destruction equipment that addresses various types of media as well as varying levels of security. Areas of expertise include destruction of media through degaussing, disintegration, and shredding. More than 100 SEM authorized service centers are positioned to serve customers worldwide.

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