Degaussing services in Singapore

Degaussing services in Singapore


DT Asia Group provide both offsite and onsite services.
• Professional technician to perform your requested job.
• Guarantee 100% data sanitized, using CISA certified deguasser.
•“Rebounding Erasure” method, complied to US, DoD most recommended degaussing standard.


Data Leakage is financial lost!

Data leakage does not only cause financial lost, it is just like a time bomb which can be a real disaster, if not handle properly.
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) had recommended a solid compliance directive for data media disposal.
It is a combination of logical data elimination (Degaussing) and secure disposal through physical destruction.

For customers requiring destruction of classified materials, degaussing hard drives then shredding them is the only NSA approved process. On-site degaussing services at client’s facility, or off-site degaussing services at a controlled and monitored data center.

Data is stored in magnetic media, such as tapes and hard drives, by making very small areas called magnetic domains change their magnetic alignment to be in the direction of an applied magnetic field. This phenomenon occurs in much the same way a compass needle points in the direction of the earth’s magnetic field. Degaussing, commonly called erasure, leaves the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable. Hard drives cannot be re-used after degaussing though some tapes can be re-used after degaussing services.

Effect of Degaussing

According to NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization, degaussing is exposing the magnetic media to a strong magnetic field in order to disrupt the recorded magnetic domains. It is an effective data purging method to protect the confidentiality of information against a laboratory attack, which would succeed on storages sanitized by normal clearing method.

A degaussing process performed by a qualified degausser will accomplish a complete and permanent data deletion, which means the data stored in the magnetic device cannot be recovered any more. What’s more, some degaussed medium cannot be used again (such as hard drive and LTO).

Special Benefit of Degaussing

NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization has pointed out several special benefits of degaussing as a data erasure method:

  1. It is useful for sanitizing damaged media, which cannot be erased by overwriting.
  2. It is effective in purging large capacity medium. Data wiping on those storages can be very time consuming, however, degaussing process only takes less than 1 second and will destroy all data permanently.
  3. It is very effective in quick purging diskettes.

Thus, if the storage you are planning to dispose of is magnetic technology based, and it cannot be overwritten in a reasonable time length, degaussing would be an effective choice for secure data erasure.

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